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About The Red Wagon School Supply Co.


Meet The Owners

Jonathan and Rochelle Calhoun, M.Ed.

August is always a hectic time of the year. For many parents, the scramble for books, stencils, and colorful pencils can be overwhelming.


As parents and educators, we certainly sympathize with the struggle, hence the birth of The Red Wagon School Supply Concierge. We're here to make your back to school experience stress-free, and ease the shopping burdens of students, parents and teachers.


With our expert insight (former teacher here!) and keen procurement skills, we can ensure that your teachers get the supplies they want, while you (the parents) get the rest you need. Don’t spend hours wading through cluttered shelves. Kick your feet up and relax, The Red Wagon has your family covered.


-Jonathan and Rochelle Calhoun, M.Ed.

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