Kindergarten - Individual Supply List

Kindergarten - Individual Supply List


This supply box only contains the Individual supplies requested, not the Communal supplies. 


□ 1” 3-ring binder (x1, pockets inside)
□ Two-Pocket plastic folder (x1 green, x1 yellow)
□ Pencil Box (no bags)
□ Primary Composition notebooks (x2, blank section on top half of each page)
□ Scissors (x1)
□ Crayons (x4, 24 pack, Crayola recommended)
□ Washable Markers (x3, Crayola recommended)
□ Colored Pencils (x1, Crayola recommended))
□ Watercolor paint (x2, Crayola recommended 8 color palate)
□ Glue Sticks (2x 12-pack)
□ Pencils (x3 packs Ticonderoga pre-sharpened; no mechanical pencils)
□ Eraser tops (x3 packs)
□ Playdoh (x2 5 count pack)

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